Spartan Velcro Patches and Custom Hats


Let’s go, Spartans… show your Spartan pride! AROO!!

The hat is 100% cotton and adjustable with ponytail opening in back.

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Price includes shipping in the US (with tracking for hats).

International shipping will add $1 for patches.

Hats can be shipped to Canada for an additional $7 and to most other countries for an additional $11.

Additional information


Velcro Patch, Sewn on a hat


this is Sparta (black), this is Sparta (red), Spartan Chick, Molon Labe crossed swords (black), Molon Labe 2×3 (tan), Molon Labe 2×3 (black), Spartan profile 3" circle (tan), Spartan profile 3" circle (black)

Hat Color

Black, Gray, Red, Pink, Blue, OD Green, Camo, N/A


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